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Immigrating in Canada Through Express Entry: Everything You Need to Know

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Immigrating in Canada Through Express Entry

Thinking about immigrating to Canada, the Great White North, using the Express Entry 2023 program? Here is all the information and tips that will help you do the same smoothly and perfectly.

When it comes to migrating to Canada, the government of the country allows citizens from around the globe to apply for the same in various ways. One of the most prominent one of these is the Entry Express or the Express Entry program. Under this program, the government refers to and uses a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) and allows migrants to immigrate to the nation. Let’s know more about this program in detail with this simple guide.

What is the Express Entry Program?

Express Entry is an electronic system used by the government of Canada for the purpose of managing all the PR (permanent residence) applications filed by different individuals globally. This system overlooks three systems or pragmas in total:

Under this system, when any applicant submits his/her application, the government then judges whether the same should be processed under the Express Entry program. For the same purpose, the government has set up a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) that defines various matrices (like age, work-ex, education, etc.) and then offers a score for ranking. Once different scores are put together, the government invites the top scorers to apply for the PR.


This program is quite straightforward. It allows skilled individuals from around the globe to enter the demographics of Canada. Moreover, this also the Canadian government to get the skill force required to strengthen a particular field or domain. This program is the smoothest and the most reliable way for the government to offer PR to immigrants.

Express Entry Application Eligibility

The eligibility criteria of the Express Entry application are quite straightforward. As stated earlier, any applicant can input the Express Entry profile if he/she falls under the category of FSTP, CEC, or FSWP. Let’s have a deeper look at the eligibility under these categories:


1.   Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP)- This program deals with the PR of skilled trades in the country. Under the same, an individual can only be eligible to apply if:- 

2. Canadian Experience Class (CEC)-

This program deals with the PR of students and other international workers in the country. (Click here to know more) Under the same, an individual can only be eligible to apply if:

3. Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)- This program is one of the most common routes used by different experienced individuals to obtain the PR of Canada. Under the same, an individual can only be eligible to apply if:

If you fall under any one of the above categories or programs, then you can apply for the Express Entry profile. So, this was everything related to the Express Entry eligibility. If, for any reason, you are not eligible to apply for the Express Entry federal skilled worker or CEC application/profile, then you can take up some other way to get the PR of Canada.

Steps to Complete Your Express Entry Profile

Generally, the entire procedure to submit the application is divided into two parts or steps. Firstly, you need to present your will to get the PR in Canada to the government via an application. Secondly, wait for the government to send you Invitation to Apply (ITA) for the PR. You will get this invitation according to the CRS score. The better you score, the better the chances of getting an invitation.


To decide who should get an invitation and who should not, the authorities use a draw feature. The draws are pulled for the highest-scoring candidates first and then for the rest.


There are three cases for draws:



  • General rounds of draws: pulled to invite the general applicants.
  • Program-specific rounds of draws: pulled to invite the applicants of a specific program under Express Entry.
  • Category-based rounds of draws: pulled to invite the applicants of specific categories by IRCC, promoting particular field (s).

Below is the entire stepwise breakdown of the procedure to apply for the Express Entry profile:


  1. Firstly, determine whether you fall under either of the following categories:
    ● Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP)
    ● Canadian Experience Class (CEC)
    ● Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)
  2. According to the requirements of the programs listed above, line up the required educational proofs and certificates. This includes the Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) as necessary.
  3. Successfully undertake and clear the language proficiency requirements.
  4. Fill out the profile correctly and submit the same to the Department of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).
  5. Wait for some time while the government pulls your CRS score and invites you for the PR.
  6. Once the invitation arrives, complete the Application for Permanent Residence (APR) and submit the same to the IRCC. Don’t forget to collect the Acknowledgment of Receipt (AOR) for future reference.
  7. If the IRCC invites you for the recording of biometrics, complete the same. Allow some time for the department to review your application and offer you a Confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR).

What Happens After Submitting an Express Entry Profile?


The procedure to apply for the Express Entry profile is provided above. This entire process may take 6-9 months to complete. Your Express Entry profile will also be eligible for a year only. You can re-apply the same after a year if there has been no response from the IRCC regarding your ITA. The tenure of the entire process comes to an end when the department or IRCC decides whether you should get a PR or not. Generally, the department sends a confirmation within 6 months from the date of invitation.


How to Increase Your Comprehensive Ranking Score (CRS)?


If you want to know whether your profile meets to CRS requirements of IRCC or not, you can refer to the past results. This is the best way to compare and determine whether you are lacking on some fronts. Even if your score is a few points below the ones presented previously, there is nothing to worry about. IRCC pulls fresh CRS scores every time it decides to send an ITA.

Moreover, there are certain techniques that you can use and improve the CRS score. This will allow you to strengthen your Express Entry application. You can try any or all of the following techniques:


     Complete your studies or work-ex in Canada itself.

     Get further education

     Get further work-ex

     Select your spouse to be the initial or principal applicant

     Seek a valid job offer

     Get the best score in the language proficiency requirements

     Get all the points you can in every possible category under the CRS

     Lastly, get yourself provincial nominated


The government or the IRCC can not determine, exactly, if the overall CRS score for any period will go up or come down. The predictions are made on the basis of assumptions and past records. Hence, you should neither get too excited nor get sad if your score is somewhat lower.


Tips on How to Prepare a Strong and Reliable Application


If you want to prepare a strong Express Entry profile, then you should take care of certain factors. These factors can easily increase your chances of getting an ITA as well as getting a PR from the IRCC. To ensure the same, you should do the following:


     Submit all the passport and other travel-related documents while filling out the profile.

    Score as much as you can on the language tests and the overall CRS. The better the score, the better your chances of getting an ITA and/or PR.

     Submit all the documents related to your educational qualification(s), as defined by the IRCC. This also includes the Educational Credential Assessment (ECA).

     Submit all the proofs of funds available to you that will help you settle up in the country if and when the PR is offered.

   Get your profile provisionally nominated if possible. Apply through the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) by providing all the details precisely.

     Get yourself a certified and reliable job offer(s) from any recognized employer in Canada.

     Update the profile as and when necessary as long as the same is in the run and eligible.


Express Entry Program: Summing Up


So, this was every information that you will possibly need before proceeding with the Express Entry application. If you are presently ineligible for the program, there is nothing to worry about. Wait and work to become eligible for the program. Remember, you should be eligible for FSTP, CEC, or FSWP to apply for the program. If you are presently ineligible because of one or more grounds, then work on the same to be eligible in the next cycle. Reapply for the Express Entry profile once you fall under the eligibility criterion, if you are facing the issue Schedule a meeting with our experts.

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