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WHY AIS (Ahaan Immigration services)

Many Benefits and Fast Process

The most valuable decision of your life requires an expert’s analysis and evaluation to give better outcomes. There can be many reasons for you to settle abroad, namely, Business, Quality Education, Healthcare, or other facilities. A major decision like this needs proper assistance and care.

We, at AIS can help you with:

Expert professionals with years of experience in immigration services compatible to handle the situations and concerns raised, or difficulties faced. The professionals at AIS are trained in different sectors of immigration to make a holistic and fruitful approach to their clients.

Empowering people to travel and settle overseas to have a luxurious and comfortable life with ample opportunities to cater to their needs and aspirations. AIS provides a platform and path for people to settle abroad with better living, quality education, and top-class health care.

Convenient services for all our clients with effective processes. Easy accessibility for people by AIS makes it unique and client-friendly to be approached for immigration services.

Affordable services for all classes, are provided because we plan to empower people to settle overseas.

The Plans are according to the services chosen and the expenses incurred. Also, some additional discounts are offered to the clients for a better experience.

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Experienced Team

OUR Services

Our Best Services For You

Our devoted team of skilled specialists will give thorough information on the many sorts of visa categories and the criteria to easily relocate to Canada. We can assist you with any form of visa, whether you are traveling for vacation, higher education, work opportunity, or even PR and citizenship.

Skilled Worker

Fill staff shortages in the Canadian economy by taking advantage of skilled employment opportunities and working as a skilled worker.

Provincial nominee Program

The PNP is geared toward individuals who have the talent and job experience to contribute to the economy of a certain province.

Canadian Experience Class

The Canadian Experience Class is meant for talented people who have worked in Canada and want to become permanent citizens.

Permanent Residence Application

A Permanent Resident Visa allows you to stay for a certain period, and then apply for citizenship.

Work visa Application/ Extension

A Canada Work Permit is granted to qualified individuals who satisfy the conditions to work in the nation for a specific time.

International Recruitment for Canadian Employers

We will help you find a job in Canada according to your preference with the help of our links in the recruitment sector.

Family Sponsorship

Simplify the process of moving to Canada if you already have your family members there like your parents, siblings, spouse, etc.

Professional Consultation

Want to know everything about moving to Canada from scratch? Book a session and our experts will guide you.

Business Visa Plan

We value your ideas to start your journey overseas. An accurate business plan is essential to getting approval for an investor visa.