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Ahaan Immigration Work Visa Application/ Extension

Work Visa Application/ Extension

People often get confused when they try to begin the process of work visa in Canada because they think that it might be simple but turns out to be rather complicated. We can help you with your work visa application apart from getting a temporary work permit in Canada no matter wherever you are located.

What are the types of work permits?

Employer-Specific Work Permit

An employer-specific work permit allows you to work in Canada under certain restrictions, such as:

Before opting for the employer-specific work permit, don’t forget to get the following from the employer as they are an integral document in your Canada visa application:

Your employer can use the employer portal to get the employment number. If your company does not need to use the Employer Portal to make a job offer, they must provide you with a copy of the employment contract.

Open Work Permit

An open work permit allows you to work for any employer in Canada, except those marked as ineligible on the list of employers that have failed to comply with the restrictions.

When can you apply for an open work permit?

You are eligible to apply for an open work permit if you:

If you wish to stay longer as a visitor or change your status (for example, from foreign student or employee to tourist), you must apply at least 30 days before your existing status ends.


The expiry date for your status can be found on:

If your passport does not have a stamp, the expiry date is 6 months from the day you arrived in Canada.

What happens when your work permit application is approved?

You will receive an authorization letter stating that you are permitted to work in Canada. This is known as the port of entrance letter of introduction. You must carry this letter with you to Canada and display it at the port of entry. This letter does not constitute your work permit as it will be issued at the port of entry on the day you arrive in Canada.


The work permit will include the following information: