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SINP Application Rejected: What, Why, and How to Proceed

blog /SINP Application Rejected: What, Why, and How to Proceed

If your SINP Application was rejected then take the help of this guide to know why it was rejected, what you should do next, and other information related to the same. 


When the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nomination Program application of the SINP application gets rejected by the department due to any reason, the applicant gets disheartened. However, there is no need to be upset, this happens quite commonly with the applicants. You can always re-apply for the same after rejection.


The department may sometimes reject the application if it falls short of certain criteria. One or multiple reasons can also factor in for the rejection. When you re-apply for the SNIP visa application, you should ensure that the previous reasons behind the rejection are taken care of in the new one.

Common Reasons Why SINP Application Got Rejected

Some of the reasons behind the rejection of the SINP application are obvious while others may seem a bit stretched for security. Some of the most common reasons behind the SINP Application being rejected are:

Other reasons could also be there which are hard to pin out but may result in the rejection of the application. All-in-all, it can be said that the most common reason why the SINP Application got rejected is if the department feels that the documents or the application are sketchy, fraudulent, or incomplete in any manner.

What to Do if a SINP Application Got Rejected?

There is no sense in sitting back and pouting over the events that were transcribed to the rejection of your application. Now, you need to get a move on. If you still want to get a Visa, then there are two options left for you. Either you can get the existing application reviewed or file a new fresh one.

Review of SINP

One option if your SINP application gets declined is to get the same review. The review is done on the grounds that some data or document in the application was incompatible or ineffective. In such a case, you can get the application reviewed for such data and documents. If you want to file a review of the application, you need to fill out the respective form within the first 45 days from the date of rejection. This application of review is to be done via mail only. The bench of the department will again review the original application and accept or deny the same as and if suited.

Re-Application After SINP Application Got Rejected

Another option with you if the application is rejected is to re-apply the same. If you found that you had committed some errors in the previous application, some document(s) was missing, or any other error was found. The best way to rectify such errors is to gather all the required information and documents precisely and then reapply for the Visa.


However, before you proceed to reapply, you should take care of certain factors like:

To ensure the above parameters, you are suggested that you take your sweet time to bring together the required data and documents required for the reapplication. You should not rush into the process just after the SINP Application gets rejected as it may contain the same chances of errors and omissions as before rather than solving it.

What to Do if the Reapplication of SINP Got Rejected?

There are multiple examples or cases where even the second application for SINP gets rejected due to one reason or another. However, if this happens to you, there is no need to worry as apart from SINP, there are multiple other options as well that you can use and get a Canadian visa quite easily.

When it comes to the SINP visa or any other visa application, you should never hurry in. It may take a day, a week, or even a month more to get the application accepted, but the complications that get involved due to multiple rejections can result in you being banned or blocked in the database of the department.

Hence, to avoid situations like SINP Application Got Rejected, move cautiously and apply smartly.

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