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What’s the Best Way to Immigrate to Canada: 5 Easy Solutions

blog / What’s the Best Way to Immigrate to Canada: 5 Easy Solutions

Looking for ways to immigrate to Canada? We have compiled the 5 best and the easiest ones for your ease. Check out the entire thread of this simple guide to get all the information you need before moving to Canada.



Canada is one of the best and most desired countries around the world. The fantastic infrastructure, well-paced development, inclusive healthcare, optimal status of living, and many other benefits pair together to make the country an amazing economy to work and reside in. These are some of the main reasons why migrants are willing to move to the country and even proceed with a citizenship application in Canada. 


For the promotion of immigration, the government of Canada is planning to bring in over 1.2 million immigrants to the country. This move under the International Mobility Program of Canada is gaining huge praise globally. In the period between 2022 to 2024, the same move can be your ticket to immigrate to the great country of the north as well.


However, the process or ways to immigrate to Canada is not an easy one. So many methods are there for moving to Canada that, at times, the immigrants end up being confused about which one to choose. Hence, to help you and all other individuals looking for legal ways to move to Canada, we have summed and brought together the top 5 ways to migrate to the great white north.



The complexity of the entire process has brought us to this collection. We have selected and described the top ways that allow you to get into Canada. Here, you will find the Canada PR process, study Visa entry, and other methods as well. So, without any further ado, let’s proceed. 

Top 5 Easiest Ways to Immigrate to Canada

Surpassing the complexities of the techniques for moving to Canada, we have described the top 5 ones after extensive research for you. You can use any of these solutions, according to your requirements and situations, then immigrate to Canada. All these methods are comparatively easier than any other solution you will find and keep all the pitfalls of immigration at bay.

Way 1: LMIA Work Visa

If you are willing to work in the country, then the LMIA Work Visa is the best for you to immigrate to Canada. The common procedure for this method includes three common steps:

The migrant or immigrant applies for a job in the country.

The employer in Canada then proceeds with the LMIA Work Visa on behalf of the immigrant.

Lastly, the government of Canada checks the documents provided by the immigrant and approves the same.

The involvement of so many parties makes this procedure a bit complex. However, this method is the most opted for to become a permanent resident of Canada.

Way 2: Express Entry Canada

The Canada immigration express entry is yet another immigration program. Under this method, you can immigrate to Canada, work there, and live as well. However, there is a common eligibility for this program. The same requires you to prove that you are indeed a skilled worker before moving to Canada. For the same, you need to meet the compliance stated under the:

Under the express entry Canada program, the local companies or authorities also have the power to hire suitable personnel. This move is present to help individuals moving to Canada as well as for the country to get all the required personnel in due time. Provided that you proceed with the procedure cautiously as well as stay out of trouble, you can also become a permanent resident in Canada.

Way 3: Immigrate to Canada with Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP)

The next method that you can try for moving to Canada is to use the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). Just like in LMIA Work Visa, you need to get a job offer letter from a Canadian employer under the PNP program as well. Different provinces of the country like Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia support his program.


Hence, if you want to proceed to the Canada PR process under this program, you need to work for some time. Moreover, you may also need to work and live in the provinces first before you can immigrate to Canada. The Quebec immigration program and various other regional programs also fall under the same category.

Way 4: Family Class Sponsorship

Yet another technique that you can try and immigrate to Canada is to use the Family Class Sponsorship. As the name of the program suggests, this program is related to families and relatives. Under this program, a family living in Canada can sponsor its relative(s) to become a permanent resident of Canada. For this process, the family itself should have successfully cleared the citizenship application in Canada and become a PR.


If you are thinking about using this procedure for moving to Canada, there is a catch. There are various restrictions that come into play and make it tough to immigrate certain relatives to the country like your parents and grandparents.

Way 5: Canadian Investor Immigration for Moving to Canada

The Canadian Investor program is executively available for high-end investors. Such investors should have great credibility and financial worth. The investor should or should have controlled a business(s) overseas to apply under this program to immigrate to Canada. This method allows the government of the country to get direct investments into the country. Hence, widely accepted.


There are two sub-categories under the Canadian Investor Immigration program:

For moving to Canada using either program, the investor needs to make great investments in the country. The duration of this investment should also be at least 5 years if not more. However, there is an upside to this program as well. Under the same, you can easily bring your dependents (children and spouses) to the country.


So, these were the main or the top 5 ways or programs that you can use to move to the country and become a permanent resident in Canada. All these Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) programs are viable and reliable. However, for your ease, we are listing and answering some of the most commonly asked questions below.

Frequently Asked Questions: The Ways to immigrate to Canada

You may have some concerns or questions related to the Canada PR process or otherwise. Hence, for your ease and satisfaction, we listed and answered the top frequently asked questions that may be able to help you. So, dive into the upcoming sections and find your query for answers.

Yes, apart from the top ones listed above, there are various other ways that you can try to immigrate to Canada. Programs like Humanitarian and Compassionate Application, Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program, etc. are some that you may try.

A Canadian department named Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) controls and monitors the status to become a permanent resident in Canada and other immigration programs.

The criteria for moving to Canada are quite different in different immigration programs. The government asks for specific documents and proofs under different programs when you apply. Hence, you need to check the same under the policy/program guidelines and proceed accordingly.

To immigrate to Canada, there is no prescribed age limit. However, statistics show that individuals between the age of 25 and 35 get the most preferences under such applications. However, this is not a fact but an assumption derived from the past. Persons of other age groups can also immigrate, provided that they proceed with the application perfectly.

The program of Express Entry in Canada or the Canada Immigration Express Entry program is the quickest and best technique to migrate to Canada.

Any permanent resident of Canada is an individual who has the freedom to work or live anywhere in the country. Under the same, the individual also gets the same healthcare and other common services as other residents of the country. An individual first needs to become a PR of Canada before proceeding with the citizenship application in Canada.

The process to immigrate to Canada or any other country for that matter is a complex procedure, but not an impossible one. The country offers 80 different channels for immigration. Hence, you can easily apply and move to the country, provided that you follow the government guidelines properly and apply as described.

There are multiple kinds of immigrants that the country allows. The most common ones of these are:


  • Economic immigrants
  • Family-sponsored immigrants
  • Refugees
  • Others

Yes, Canada is one of the safest and friendliest countries for immigrants. The nation promotes cultural diversity and thus welcomes all.

Canada is quite developed and advanced for its age. Students, professionals, and businessmen from around the world prefer Canada for residence. So, yes, it's safe to say that you can settle in quite quickly, provided that you study well, work hard, and follow the rules and guidelines of the country and its local government perfectly.

No, it's not compulsory for all to have work experience to immigrate to Canada. There are certain immigration programs that allow you to move to the nation with work experience.

No, there is no age bracket or limit for studying in Canada.

Canada is a developed nation and its average salary bracket falls under the top 20 category of the world. However, Canada is amongst the costliest countries that you can ever live in. The country is known for its healthcare system. However, there are various other factors that add up and make it expensive for you to live in Canada.

How to Choose the Best Way to Immigrate to Canada?: Conclusion

Now, it’s time to sum up all the ways described above to migrate to Canada. We hope that these methods helped you find all the details that you sought. As for the best way to immigrate to Canada. It depends upon your eligibility. Applicants generally prefer the Express Entry Canada program for immigration. However, other modes of migration are also viable.

You can opt for a program that suits well with your requirements and eligibility. You should compare various programs and their requirements before proceeding with any one or more as required. Playing smart will allow you to immigrate to Canada quickly, without any rejections. You can take the help of any migration expert as required for ease.