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Is It Worth Moving to Canada from India?

blog /Is It Worth Moving to Canada from India?

One of the most common questions any immigrant asks is “is it worth moving to Canada from India?” With the help of this article, you will get the perfect answer to this question once and for all.


Moving abroad is one of the best ways to gain more wealth and create a better life/lifestyle for you and your family. A lot of immigrants are always interested in migrating abroad and working there. For the same, Canada seems to be one of the most accessible and flexible places to work and reside in. However, the question that surfaces asks, is this statement just an assumption or an actual reality?


With the help of the coming sections of this article, we will find the answer to “is it worth going to Canada?”, starting with the pros and cons of residing and working in the two countries.

Is It Worth Moving to Canada from India: The Pros and Cons

You may already know that the currency denomination gap between Canada and India is huge. This gap makes it more expensive for the residents of Canada to live in the country than those living in India. However, there are other associated problems and advantages as well. So, let’s have a look at the pros and cons of moving to Canada and judge for yourselves whether “should I go to Canada or stay in India”

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Pros of Shifting from India to Canada:

Better standard of living

Additional advantages of no-cost healthcare

Advanced educational system

Pros of Living in India than in Canada

Cons of Shifting from India to Canada:

Cons of Living in India than in Canada

To understand whether it is worth moving to Canada from India and the factors or pros and cons provided above in detail, let’s have a look at the descriptions of the same. 

The Standard of Living

The actual standard of living is better and higher in Canada than in India. There are multiple job opportunities with lesser competition and hence, it becomes quite easy for any immigrant to thrive in Canada than in India. Moreover, the income difference between the two nations is huge as well. This means that the person living in Canada would earn way more for the same job, the same task, and the same responsibilities, than in India. So, if you are asking “should I go to Canada or stay in India”, this is the perfect answer. 

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Better and Cheaper Healthcare

“Is it worth moving to Canada from India ”, the answer would be yes if healthcare is considered. Another advantage of Canada over India is that the healthcare facilities and services in Canada are way better than that in India. Most jobs provide a healthcare plan or cover the employees in a joint plan for their well-being. Moreover, even the government of the country does not back up from its commitment to health and provides a lot of free or low-cost health services to residents, citizens, and immigrants. 

Safety and Security

Another factor that favors the Canadian side is safety. The country is very safe to live in, especially for women. The crime rate in the country is way less than that in India. Moreover, the rules and regulations of the country are quite strict as well which demotivates criminals to act on their wild thoughts or desires. If the Global Peace Index (GPI) is taken under consideration for the two countries, Canada ranks 23rd while India sits at the 135th position out of the 165 countries that participated. The index alone is the solution enough for whether it is worth going to Canada. 

Education System

The Canadian Education System is quite strong, more inclusive, better, and smarter than the Indian. In India, the government offers free education services to children up to the age of 14 while the Canadian government offers to provide education to children up to the age of 18, under certain circumstances. Moreover, if higher studies are considered, the education system in Canada is much more qualitative than that of India. 


So, all in all, one can conclude, if you are willing to forego the adverse weather conditions or the high cost of living associated with living in Canada, we think that you must have gotten the answer to “is it worth moving to Canada from India?”


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