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How to Migrate to Canada Without IELTS?

blog /How to Migrate to Canada Without IELTS?

How to Migrate to Canada without IELTS

When it comes to migrating to Canada, one of the most common requirements of any immigration system is IELTS. IELTS or International English Language Testing System is a language proficiency test. Under this test, an individual is judged under four matrices writing, reading, speaking, and listening.


A person with a higher IELTS score can easily increase his/her chances of being shortlisted or accepted in the respective immigration program. The exam is sought for all kinds of immigration including jobs, studies, and other reasons for immigration.


Although IELTS is sought in all the major immigration applications, it’s not compulsorily required to migrate to Canada. There are multiple other techniques or ways that any individual can use to legally immigrate to Canada without IELTS. In this entire blog, we will have a look at all such methods to help you.

The Best Alternatives Migrate to Canada Without IELTS

Various proven and legal immigration programs allow you to immigrate to Canada without an IELTS score. We will throw a light on all of these methods below. You can check your eligibility for such programs and apply as suited.

Migrate to Canada Without IELTS Under the French-Speaking Skilled Worker Program

One of the best ways to immigrate to Canada without having to worry about your IELTS score is to apply under the French-Speaking Skilled Worker Program. This is one of the most preferred and opted programs for immigration by applicants who are quite fluent in the French language.

Apply for the LMIA-Based Visa

Another reliable way to migrate to Canada without IELTS is by applying under the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) visa program. The government of the country initiated this program to help businessmen and employers in Canada. If the businessman or employer is unable to find a Canadian workforce for their vacancy, this program allows him/her to seek international workers to meet the requirements.


With the help of this program, the Canadian government ensures that there is no negative impact on the job market in the country even if the Canadian workforce is not available.


To apply for this program, the applicant does have to appear for the IELTS exam. This is because the employer will have to confirm the language proficiency of the job seekers. However, this is not true for all kinds of industries, businessmen, and employees. Some may seek the IELTS score before considering your job application. So, you should ensure the same beforehand.

Appear for the CELPIP English Proficiency Exam

Another commonly opted solution is to attempt the CELPIP English Proficiency Exam. This is an alternative exam to IELTS and allows you to migrate to Canada without IELTS. This exam also helps the government in checking the proficiency of the English language. Any applicant can appear for this exam if they don’t wish to attempt the IELTS. This exam is comparatively easier than IELTS and mainly focuses on the local vocab and accent proficiency of the candidates. Moreover, the learning curve of the CELPIP English Proficiency Exam is steeper than that of IELTS.

Miscellaneous Ways to Migrate to Canada without IELTS (Less Score Accepted)

Atlantic Immigration Program (AIP)

The first program on this list is the Atlantic Immigration Program (AIP). This program is suitable for the Atlantic provinces of four different countries. These are:

Prince Edward Island

Nova Scotia

Newfoundland and Labrador

New Brunswick

If you are a skilled worker or international graduate in any of these countries or provinces, you can migrate to Canada as the IELTS score required for such candidates is comparatively less. However, to apply for this program, your CLB level should be higher than or equal to 4. Also, the working candidate should possess an offer letter to apply.

Manitoba Provincial Nomination Program (MPNP)

Another way to migrate to Canada without the IELTS exam or without scoring extensively in the exam is by using the MPNP program. Under this program, the resident of the Manitoba province can apply for permanent residency in the country, provided that

Apart from this, the experienced applicant having experience in one of Manitoba’s in-demand jobs is also preferred.

Saskatchewan Immigrant Nomination Program (SINP)

Just like the MPNP, the IELTS score compliance in the SINP program is quite low as well. The applicant only needs to meet the CPB level 4.5 or above to apply for permanent residence under this program. The point to remember is that this proforma is for skilled labor only. Hence, for most immigrants, this is one of the best ways to migrate to Canada without the IELTS exam or without scoring extensively in the exam.

Summing Up: Should I Try to Migrate to Canada without IELTS?

As you can see, there are multiple programs or techniques at your disposal that allow you to migrate to Canada without IELTS. If you are determined about your decision to opt for a workaround, then you can try opting for any of the solutions above and apply accordingly. However, we suggest that you try to appear for and score better in IELTS as it simply increases your chances of immigrating to Canada. The rest is up to you. All of the techniques described above are reliable and safe as well.

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